Pursue your idea if your value proposition converts

Is your business idea worth pursuing?

In other words, does your idea excite people?

If your idea (in other words, value proposition) is solving a problem or providing value to someone, it will excite them. Who reads it and gets excited abouti it, will want to have access to it. "Access" could mean a purchase, signup, getting in a waitlist etc.

The rate of people that signup to your waitlist compared to number of visitors is a great indicator if you are on to something. Assuming you are reaching out to people in your target area or close, if you have no signups, you should maybe start considering kiling the idea. If you have signups, and the rate is roughly above 20%, you can get excited about it.

Long story short, it is important to measure the conversion rate. With playgroundera you can easily see how many unique people visited your landing page and what is the percentage of subscribed people. 

This is a great indicator to kill or pursue your idea.

Signup and launch your idea in minutes. Then observe the conversion rate. Don't forget, killing an idea is as valuable as validating one.

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