How to Start a Business

It is so easy to invest so much time and money into a business idea and end up failing it. Even before ever launching it.

That is a painful but unfortunately a very common scenario. Especially if you are willing to have the "perfect start", it is possible you spend a lot of money and get something built and then be surprised deeply when nobody shows interest.

If you are reading this, you are someone chasing for financial freedom, passive income or a passion. No matter what your motivation is, there is a very simple and cheap way to see if your idea is worth pursuing.

What you want is to see if people are willing to pay for your idea.

Yes. It is possible to see this. It will come as a surprise but you will do most stuff at the very beginning that most do at the end.

Here are the steps to follow

1. Pick a market

Here is a very unorthodox approach, but you don't need to find a great idea first. Find an audience, preferebly very small, very clearly identifiable and one that you can easily have access. Dentists in your neighborhood, retired teachers that want to start a tik tok account, whatever, you get the idea.

2. Discover a problem

Yes, still nothing about a great idea! Talk to those people. Talk to them about their daily life. How they manage what they want to manage. What is the most common difficulty those dentists have? What is the difficulty those retired teachers facing while trying to turn that tik tok account into a money machine? Talk to them and find a common problem.

3. Offer a solution

There you go, you automatically have an idea. You don't even need to specify the details, but you need some value proposition that promises to solve that common problem your market has.

4. Launch it!

Nope, you don't dive right into building it. You launch it. Yes, it is just an idea yet, but you launch it as a landing page, with some email signup, maybe even possibly a presell button. Place your product's name with a value proposition, that's it.

5. Talk to your market again

Now talk to your market again, to many of them. Email them, DM them. Place ads. Write a few blog posts that will attract some organic traffic to your landing page. Bring the traffic to your landing page. Promote it.

6. Evaluate

Do people signup when they see your value proposition? Do they pay for some pre-sell campaign? What is the percentage? Is the "conversion" good? If yes, now go full on, invest all you like. You are onto something.

But, what if nobody is paying for it? What if they are not even giving their email address? Stop there. You just saved yourself a whole lot of time and money. Your proposition does not resonate with those people.

At this stage we can say either you are not passing the message right or the problem just does not exist. Iterate on your wording and phrasing the value proposition. Look up some examples, maybe even get a help from a copywriter, that's worth some investment.

Afterall, do not spend more than a month if you are not getting the attention you like. Now you can move on. You have saved yourself so much time that you can move on and keep trying more markets/problems/solutions.

How we help

If you have read this far you are willing to take action :) And as we can hel p you.

We offer a tool with which you can implement the steps we mention above. You still need to find a market and problem yourself, but with our tool, you can instantly setup a landing page that comes with everything needed for a GDPR compliant newsletter list, a blog for organic traffic and a fully responsive beautiful landing page with an email signup form.

It is all set within a few minutes, you need no coding skills whatsoever, just a few clicks. You don't need any other tools to try to figure out how to integrate. In a few minutes, you can start promoting your launched idea and start smoke testing it.

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Looking forward to see great launches!